Improper food & garbage disposal is the leading cause of human-bear encounters according to the National Park Service.

  • Avoid Property Damage

    Regular trash bins are easy for bears to access, leading to frequent break-ins, scattered trash, and costly repairs.

  • Enhance Safety

    Accessible trash bins attract bears, increasing the risk of dangerous encounters on your property.

  • Protect Wildlife

    Bears that consistently rely on trash for food can become dependent and more aggressive, often leading to conflicts.

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  • based in lake tahoe

    As a proud Lake Tahoe company, we understand the unique needs of our community and are committed to providing personalized, local service.

  • Unmatched quality

    Built to last, our enclosures offer the highest quality on the market, providing you with years of safe, reliable protection.

  • Made in the USA

    Our enclosures are 100% made in the USA with superior materials and workmanship, ensuring top-notch quality you can trust.

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Large Homes, Multi-Families, and Vacation Rentals

Average-Size Homes, Retirees, and Full-Time Residents

For Cabins and Small Homes

  • New Unit Installations

    Enjoy peace of mind with our professional new unit installations, done by certified experts to guarantee a perfect fit and secure mounting, every time.

  • Security Retrofits

    Enhance your existing enclosures with our LatchGuard Upgrade Program. Our local installers will upgrade your enclosure latch with our latest bear-resistant latch hardware, ensuring your property stays bear-free.

  • Repair Or Refurbish

    If your BearBox enclosure is damaged or needs an upgrade, we offer expert repair and refurbishment services to restore your existing enclosures to peak condition.